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Shorten watchbands and bracelets

If you bought a watch online or in store, the bracelet may have to be shortened. Shortening and remove links is a relatively simple matter. We provide the guide, but you perform work at their own risk and we can not be held responsible if you In some way make bad or you fail. If you are not handy, it's easier to buy a ready-made tool.

The tools that will be used are common tools found in almost every household.
• Spatula with holes, a fork or the like.


verktyg för att korta klockarmband

1. Determine how many links you need to delete by the wrist and tighten the strap to the desired size. Ensure that the distribution between the links on either side of the movement is even in number.

Mät hur många länkar du vill ta bort på klockarmbandet                          

2. To knock out pins using the hammer, so you must first find the right way to stop tack against.

Right: On one side is a hollow where the tack can be pressed in. The tack should be placed in this lower. Once you have located this decrease so continue to the next step

Vänd rätt sida till för att trycka ut länkar
Fel: On one of the pages, you will find an area where the thumbtack can not take hold. This page must be directed downward and tack should not be used against this surface Här visas fel sida på klockarmbandet
3. When you locate the page where the tack will be used against you must create a void under the arm link pin. In order to be able to come out. This can be done by e.g. use, a spatula or fork over the bracelet. Turn on light and controlled nature of the tack hammer to arm link pin will come out a little bit. Approximately 2-3 mm is enough for you to grasp armlänkssprinten with pliers.

Armlänk spring för klockarmband

Tryck in sprint på klockarmband

4. Taking a firm hold on the sprint before pulling it out. This reduces damage if you were to slip with pliers. If you do not get a firm grip so repeat step 3.

5. Do steps 3-4 on both sides of the movement to remove the unwanted bracelet links. By doing this, make sure to snap the scheme is in the center of the wrist.

dra ut stift på klockarmband.
6. Once you have removed the desired number of bracelets, it's time to assemble the bracelet back. You do this by stopping back sprinters in the bracelet with pin loop upwards. The sandwich side down and hammer lightly on the pin until it is fixed. This makes you at all concerned sides to the Bracelet link and watch is in one piece.

Länktapp på klockarmband

knacka in länktappen på klockarmband
Lås på klockarmband
7. Is it too small or still too big? Remove links and repeat the previous step. Does it fit? Congratulations! You have now shortened a clock arm link and do not have to pay your local watchmaker. färdigt kortat klockarmband

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